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We are in Városház street

Contact us: +36-30-201-7877 or +36-20-808-3309

Smart device service

We provide full service for all iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi devices - we undertake everything from replacement of parts, mechanical damage, software and motherboard errors to maintenance.

Repair process:
First, we assess the condition of the phone and the degree of damage and error, then we begin servicing with the appropriate tools and in competent hands. In our store, we tried to create a visual service, so you can monitor the entire work process, so you can be sure of the professionalism of the repair and the security of the stored data.

After the repair, testing follows.

We strive to repair the device in the shortest possible time. If possible, contact us before the repair!

Why choose us?!

Free inspection

Professional repair

Fast repair process


Apple service

What can our Apple service help you with?

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod service

iPhone, iPad, iPod service quickly, reliably and at a good price! Display, back panel, battery replacement for iPhone, iPad, iPod devices immediately. Software update, Data backup. Creation of an iCloud account, advice even regarding the use of the device.

Accessory sales

Accessories and accessories
at favorable prices and
in a wide selection
for iPhone, iPad, MacBook devices.

MacBook, iMac service

Our Mac service is prepared and flexible at your disposal in case of any hardware failure or software error, and we are also happy to help with the maintenance or expansion of your Mac. We also undertake the maintenance of Apple machine parks.

Watch service

Has your Apple Watch fallen off, is its display cracked? Does it run out quickly, is the battery swollen? We'll fix it!

Contact us

SMARTTEQ / Telodoki.hu

Adress: 1052 Budapest, Városház street 1.

Phone(1): +36 30 201 7877

Phone(2): +36 20 808 3309

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 11:00 – 19:00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Would you like to sell your used device?

Or would you rather buy one?

Correct calculation, 3 or 6 month warranty!

Independent laptop and PC service

In downtown Budapest at Ferenciek square

In addition to the following manufacturers, we undertake the repair, expansion and installation of any notebook, laptop and desktop computer at a favorable price and in a short period of time.

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Acer laptop service
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Asus laptop service
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Dell laptop service
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Fujitsu laptop service
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HP laptop service
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Lenovo laptop service
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MSI laptop service
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Samsung laptop service
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Sony laptop service
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Toshiba laptop service

Laptop and PC repair

Regardless of type, we repair laptops and desktop computers. Quality service, affordable price, with more than 10 years of experience

Buying and selling

We offer high-quality business, gamer, standard laptops and PCs with a full warranty at favorable prices. We also buy your old machine that you are tired of and need to be replaced.

Parts accessories sales

We can also get laptop chargers, batteries, coolers, keyboards, displays, casings and all other parts.

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